Pope Francis urges help for poor countries at United Nations

NEW YORK CITY – It was another history making moment for Pope Francis as he addressed world leaders gathered at the United Nations Friday in New York. In a speech to the 193-member UN General Assembly, the Pope called for the protection of peace and environmental justice.


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  • Enigma
    26 September 2015 at 9:15 pm - Reply

    A pope who suppose to serve God and Jesus Christ gives a speech in the biggest political chamber in history but never felt the need to start his big pontificating with a little prayer. He could not once during his preaching give a shout out to God or Jesus Christ. Catholics, Christians , take note. When Francis spoke before Congress, he did not mention the name of Jesus Christ. When before the world at the UN, he did not mention the name of Jesus Christ.

    pope primary function is to lead the church as it ministers to the souls of its congregants. That we might do this in Jesus’ name is a critical omission.

    The pope is a man of the cloth. I can understand and support his desire to exhort all individuals to do as Christ would have us do: to help the poor. When he advocates using the power of government to coerce such behavior, he crosses the line from being a kind, gentle man of the cloth to becoming yet another liberal politician.

    The question that never needed an answer–until now.

    “Is the Pope Catholic?”

    His Marxist ideology was laid bare as he continues to involve himself into politics which is contrary what The Bible teaches and as a matter of fact forbids because God strongly feels and believes that “no one can serve two masters”.

    While he preaches like a politician coming from a nation – the Vatican nation – he demands that our/we labor but give our money to those who most of the time do not feel its necessary to work at all.

    While he also preaches to tear down the border – he enjoys himself in his Vatican nation behind a 10-foot wall – closing his nation and wealth off behind a fortress of a wall. He does not share his massive real estate and land with any illegal muslims nor does he like to share his trillion of dollars with all the poor – he leaves that to the American taxpayers.

    The Vatican bank holds trillions in assist – among them high profile politicians because its ‘tax free’.

    Co-incidence that after his preached to the American public he moved onto the UN to participate in the globalist agenda about ‘climate change, illegal and worldwide migration assisted and organized by western entities. the Pope is using his place at the head of the Catholic church to preach liberal politics and not salvation and other tenets of the church.

    He fails in his basic duties as the pope, if his concern is more for secular than sacred, if he aids the political agenda of the atheistic left, he is a false prophet leading his flock to a dangerous place, where there is more central planning and less personal liberty.

    This pope has NOT stepped up and said “Come to Christ, for HE is THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE”.

    All I have heard from this pope, the potential false prophet of Revelation, is the same old communist rhetoric of global warming, open borders, income inequality, fairness, exc. I have yet to hear this vicar of Christ, speak of Christ, speak of salvation, invoke the name of Jesus.
    During his hour-long speech, Pope Francis was quoted telling the White House guests that the Koran, and the spiritual teachings contained therein, are just as valid as the Holy Bible, and should therefore be respected as such.

    If THIS is what he is preaching. THEN he is teaching about another Jesus and not the one of the Bible. IF this is accurate then my question has been answered. THIS is BLASPHEMY.. And the Bible is VERY clear on what we should do when someone preaches another Gospel that is different from Holy Scripture.

    • Arbi
      28 September 2015 at 4:19 pm - Reply

      you dont make sense at all…………..keep it short

  • noz
    28 September 2015 at 8:57 pm - Reply

    the Pope insisted he is not a liberal, but his actions speak louder than his own claimed of no way a liberal. Pope’s spoken of helping the poor, the vulnerable sound disingenuous, unfitting to america. its his first time in america, and as a Pope, his visit was well choreographed in controlling everything from crowds of people, street closings, etc. so much so, the Pope really have not seen the predominantly mentally ill homeless vagrants roaming around, by enlarged do not like to be helped, nor themselves believed are suffering from psychosis. if the Pope had seen the homeless of america, it may give him the impression, america do not take care of the poor, little does the Pope knew the word poor in america, compared to the poor of other nations like his argentina, etc, he will be dumbfounded america’s poor have all the foods / luxuries of what life has to offer, incomparable to the poor of other nations. the Pope will likely say crazy to the lazy poor of america refusing work for a living, since he called a family from argentina crazy, who drove to america thousands of miles to see him.

    the Pope has no idea of the 1M aliens every year are granted green cards. no other nations can defeat benevolent america as the most generous in issuing permanent resident visas to global aliens. the propaganda stunt of the militant illegal aliens group from mexifornia, by using a questionable 5 year old girl – looks older than 5 years old, handing him a letter she wrote?, really? is indeed scamming the Pope to make america look bad anti immigrant. the pro immigrant, open border Pope is being propagandized by the activist illegal aliens of america, hoping their propaganda is confusing the Pope to not distinguish the difference between legal / illegal. the bullet tactic of these illegal aliens is the Pope’s encouraging america, and other rich nations to accept the syrian refugees, a dangerous move, without a doubt is like inviting a natural born killer, america hater, openly screaming death to america. the rich arab nations don’t want their own kind syrian refugees, and i doubt the Pope will directly address them to take care of their own people.