Pop-up fuses best of Filipino and Hawaiian cuisine

Eema’s Cuisine is a pop up named after the Ilocano word “naimas,” or simply “imas,” meaning delicious food.

Eema’s is the creation of Ilokano-American Chef Flo Valdez.

The cuisine’s best-seller: the Filipino favorite luncheon meat in a can, Spam, turned into a Japanese roll called musubi.

The word “spam” is a portmanteau of “spiced ham,” or “shoulder of pork and ham.”

It’s also Hawaii’s favorite – being the state with the highest percentage of spam eaters per capita in the U.S.

That’s about 7 million cans of spam each year.

Chef Flo infuses the flavors of Ilocos in some of his creations. His dream is to make the other regional flavors of the Philippines as popular as lumpia and adobo.

“There are tons and tons of flavors that come from the Philippines – and there are tons of flavors that are absorbed into our culture.”

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