Poll: Obama’s approval rating at its highest in 20 months

Barack Obama is enjoying a nice bounce in the polls heading into the New Year.

With the economy ticking up and the president taking decisive action on immigration and Cuba, the latest CNN/ORC poll put his approval rating at a 20-month high.

More Americans still disapprove of the job Obama is doing as president.

But at 48%, Obama’s approval rating is at its highest point in CNN polling since May 2013. The president is enjoying increased support among women, independents, and millenials.

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  • Delia
    25 December 2014 at 10:43 am - Reply

    WOW ! this is almost too funny . Who’s voting for this idiot this days ? Well , let me guess, the ISIS, the muslim brotherhood , the black thugs rioters , the elligals and of course the freebie takers.

    This is how Obama won elections , all the above mention organization members voted 10 times in every pool. So, i wont be surprise with anything media report because this is how they inflate the lies.

    Life is a sculpture of choices and meaning. It’s tragic that so many focus on the chipping, rather than admit that final day when the sculpting will come to an end.

  • filam
    25 December 2014 at 6:37 pm - Reply

    CNN is super liberal…who did they poll msnbc subscribers

    All polls his rating is going down

  • noz
    26 December 2014 at 6:58 am - Reply

    BA is having a high with the limping CNN poll of obozo’s approval rating, just like those weed people from colorado, oregon, and washington state. the people who have given their approval are those freeloaders sucking on the hardworking taxpayers, seating in front of their TV, not working, although the unemployment is at below 6%. the fact is – there are still over 90million on EBT, etc, no longer counted in the unemployment data, without a doubt are the strong supporters of obozo. experts have weighed in millions freeloaders did not vote in midterm election, caused the GOP to win both houses of congress.

    the liberals are now using the improving economy – the sign is the low gas prices, that its obozo’s doings – wrong. it’s bc of the GOP winning and going to control both houses. the GOP pushed for the pipeline, while the demonicrap losers, before leaving their seats voted against it as expected, gave signals to opec in lowering oil barrels in the world market. obozo swears he will veto the GOP pro pipeline, once it land on his desk. the political battle for the two years left of obozo is about to unfold, a fight to defeat obozo’s ideologues damaging america, one of them – his infamous executive order of illegal aliens amnesty programs, supported by the liberals, and progressives are running this nation to economic turmoil, if not stop by obozo’s adversaries. several states have filed lawsuits against obozo’s abused of executive power – the unconstitutional illegal aliens amnesty, that only congress can pass, and the POTUS to sign or veto.

  • Wil
    26 December 2014 at 8:16 pm - Reply

    Let’s see. Stock market at an all time high. Gas prices are way down, people’s 401kare up some 15% this year alone, Medical care cost slowing more folk able to get medical care, Russia’s economy in shambles, without us going to war. hmmmmmm, I can see why you hate President Obama. I forgot to mention there were others rioting and looting besides, Black folk. Oh I forgot that is all you racist see is Black folk doing bad.

    • Delia
      27 December 2014 at 1:05 pm - Reply

      More left wing delusion displayed by Wil the shill in La La Land. You are a disgusting little pile of excrement. Once again you display the results of chronic cranial rectitis.LOL

  • malaya bagumbayan
    27 December 2014 at 10:18 am - Reply

    May 24, 2013 total approval rating was 49% and total disapprove was also at 49% COMPARED with December 24, 2014 total approval of 48% and total DISAPPROVE of 51% – is already making news out of Balitang America?????????????? It clearly shows your bias to the liberals !!!! IS BALTIANG AMERICA A LAPDOG MEDIA OF THE LIBERALS IN THE US? much like CNN, MSNBC?

    Wow, wake up TFC-TV and BALITANG AMERICA – your eyes are defnitely suffering from a serious case of nearsightedness and cataract condition. TRY TO GET SOME CLEAR EYES

    BALITANG AMERICA – YOU NEED TO get your numbers from the daily Rasmussen Reports instead of CNN -http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/obama_administration/obama_approval_index_history

  • malaya bagumbayan
    27 December 2014 at 10:25 am - Reply
  • noz
    27 December 2014 at 11:09 am - Reply

    obozo is anti business, his infamous stupid speech against businesses – “you didn’t build that, we did”. obozo has nothing to do with the recent soaring global market, instead obozo drove private businesses to tax friendly, industrialized nations, in order to escape his hefty business taxations in availing businesses taxes collected to expand/finance his welfare programs. these private blue chip businesses have found investments successes overseas. the profit pay-off are to their 1% investors, 401K in papers mostly owned by hardworking americans, which obozo despises, since its not into his ideologue of wealth redistributions.

    gas prices are down due to global oil glut, uninterrupted opec oil productions, increased domestic fracking, which obozo, and his bozos are very much against, the GOP push for the pipeline which obozo, and his bozos are very much against, swearing will veto the pipeline from sister nation canada. anytime oil prices are down globally, those countries or places whose businesses are non diversified, the like of russia who rely on oil alone, then what do you all expect nothing but BUST, well at least russia have the short lived oil BOOM, but who knows the BUST might be short live as well. oil is a commodity, thus its volatile in global market pricing. BTW, the war america is facing is the islamists, fighting religious fanatics is very difficult to win. obozo, the know nothing commander in chief have to send thousands of US troops, which he pulled out in the first place back to iraq, he labeled as supports to the iraqi fighters against ISIS, simply is airing out obozo’s idiocy in military strategy. obozo is going further with his crazy plan to close GITMO, release the 09-11 terrorists imprisoned in GITMO to their respective countries/families. for what? to terrorize america/kill americans again. what a moron, pro muslim obozo, who is into believing bowing to muslim kings will make a huge difference in changing the barbaric intent of islamists against the USA.

    obamacare is highly subsidized, those who love obamacare are the freeloaders, their well advertised medical free premiums are paid for by those who are paying plus 2000% highest premiums, a form of rip-off by obamacare. the scheme of obamacare is wealth redistributions to the highest level, gouging hardworking americans with decent paying jobs, and comfortable hard earned/saved assets, in order to make the populous equal in holdings, the true commie ideologue.

    the despicable protesters are burning/looting communities. the videos showing the amok were done by predominantly blacks, who inherently were born/raised to hate law enforcements, in particular they detest white law enforcers, all rooted to their history of slavery by whites. do you all think if the cop shooter was black we will all have the riots these protesters are uncontrollably engaging in?. the protesters use of a black thug as their bearer of their blinded race card inspired have gotten too divisive, fired up by obozo, and his bozos – holder, de blasio, sharpton – yes, the lawless sharpton as the consultants of the WH/NYC?. these politicians are the worst to acknowledge the garbage ideas of sharpton, who owes millions in back taxes, refused to pay with impunity, he destroyed the life of a dutchess county police officer with false accusations of brawley’s hoax rape case, orchestrated by sharpton/jackson – looks like he had lie low, again with impunity. sharpton is the biggest crook alive, who committed criminal acts, without convictions of imprisonments. as long as the majority of blacks are embracing the criminal sharpton’s trash of ideas to advance, they will find themselves trapped, bc sharpton is using his own kind to line up his pockets, making millions at the expense of blacks he permanently labeled as oppressed, bc of RACE. REALLY?.

  • Delia
    27 December 2014 at 11:58 am - Reply

    My Neighbor Story doing his duty as Citizen and a Minister.

    HE SAID ..Years ago, I was involved in a ministry where I went into prisons to help the inmates find a better way to live when they got out that did not involve crime or drugs. The first thing you learn is that no one in prison is guilty of anything. The next thing you learn is that the vast majority of black inmates see white people as nothing but a source of all their problems and something that needs to go away. The hate they gave off was unbelievable.

    Later, I had another ministry where I collected broken bicycles, repaired them and then gave them to low income families with children at Christmas. One lady asked me for bicycles for her five children one summer so I obliged. A few weeks later she asked for five more because the first five had been stolen. I knew he had sold the first five so said “No” and she erupted into the biggest tirade you ever saw about me being a racist pig and such. Another person to whom I gave a bicycle demanded another one because the one I gave her did not have a chain. I asked to see the bicycle because I always test rode the bikes I fixed and could not see how I forgot to put a chain on and she started screaming at me calling me a racist and spitting in my face.

    These are just a few examples of my interactions with low income blacks or criminals over my years working in different ministries. What I found was that a great many are very nice and caring people, thankful for all the help they get and willing to return the favor. Unfortunately, there are too many who use the race card to get what they want. They know that the only people who care about being called a racist are those who are trying to help the most so it becomes a powerful tool. But now it seems that this is a tool that has been wrongfully used far to many times and the black community is on the brink of losing all credibility and good will. As they claim to be the victim and by raising up criminals who were killed resisting arrest or during an assault on others to the level or martyrs in an effort to justify looting and violence, they are losing the war. It is now more important than ever before for responsible blacks to step forward and get the rest of the black community to understand that this paradigm just doesn’t work and is about to collapse around them. It is time to learn that being the perpetual victim while making no attempt to fix the situation is a losing argument. The problem is that after fifty years of receiving special preferential treatment, it is just too difficult for many to suddenly assume responsibility for their own actions and situation in life.

    ( After listenning to him telling his personnal Story ,my tears just keep flowing non stop)

    Happy New Year to all.