Poll finds many Bay Area residents, especially millennials, are thinking of leaving

Many residents of the San Francisco Bay Area, though arguably living in one of the most beautiful regions in the world and home to a rich culture and booming tech industry, feel they can no longer stay.

According to the Bay Area Council’s 2017 public opinion survey, 40 percent of participants say they are considering leaving in the next few years.

The poll found that the three biggest problems are cost of living, housing, and traffic.

46% of millennials lead the demographic in wanting to leave.


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  • Mario
    19 April 2017 at 10:18 pm - Reply

    Biggest problem are cost of living,housing,and traffic.The biggest problem is the policies of the Democrat who control the State, it invites and protect illegal alien.The number One criteria of a residence is safety of the family and children.It is expected that crime rate will go up, because when an illegal alien committed a crime he will be set free immediately by the Police, instead of turning in to ICE for deportation. Trump will cut Sanctuary City funding, but Democrat leaders insisted to remain as Sanctuary City. The only way to feed and take care of the illegal alien is to increase property tax, add new taxes, add new fees and increase of licenses billed to the residence. That is one of the reason why the residence are moving out to non Sanctuary City, and plan to live to a low or no tax State.