Poll: 45 percent of Americans support Trump impeachment, Fil-Am voters weigh in

NEW YORK — The number of Americans who support the impeachment of President Donald Trump is growing, according to new national polls.

Democrats began an impeachment inquiry last week to look into allegations that Trump leveraged military aid to Ukraine to press for an investigation of leading Democratic presidential opponent, Joe Biden.

Trump’s accuser in a whistleblower complaint – a CIA officer who claimed Trump abused his position.

A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll found that 45% of Americans thought Trump should be impeached — compared to 37% who answered the same question a week ago.

A survey from Quinnipiac University released Monday showed 47% support impeaching Trump, a 10-point swing in favor of impeachment over a five-day period.

A CNN poll also released Monday revealed that 47% support impeaching the president — compared to 41% who were asked the same question in May.

Some New York voters have mixed feelings about Democratic efforts to oust the president.

The CNN poll also showed that 49 percent believe Trump committed an impeachable offense, while 38 percent think Democrats are just out to get Trump at all costs.

48% also believe that the president’s interaction with the Ukranian president was improper use of presidency to gain political advantage against a potential 2020 rival.

But according to New York Times – the alleged Ukraine quid pro quo is not the only foreign government interaction the white house should be worried about.

The report cited two US officials with knowledge of another phone call, claiming: Trump allegedly urged Australia’s prime minister Scott Morrison to help the U.S. attorney general in an investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller.

Now, as Democrats are moving quickly with the impeachment inquiry – U.S. House intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff said he is also determined to get access to Trump’s calls with Russian president Vladimir Putin and other world leaders.

The House intelligence committee has subpoenaed some of the president’s men including his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as well as five other state department officials.

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  • Mario
    3 October 2019 at 4:37 am - Reply

    GO for it IMPEACH TRUMP, it will backfire,all Dems candidate for 2020 will be wipe out.
    Pompeo already testify, and table has turned that Schiff met with the whisleblower and guided him to make the complaint and Schiff denied he ever met the whisleblower.Last week Schiff FAKE the phone transcrip to destroy Trump.The INQUIRY is a disaster NPelosi is being used by AOC SQUAD and chances are WARREN will be the nominee. The Socialist is in Total control of the DEMs PARTY, their objective is to eliminate BIDEN and TRUMP.The Dems made mistake by the crucifixion of Trump, Trump the ANOINTED ONE,and this will bring down BIDEN. America is not ready for SOCIALISM.As Trump said the DEM is a Party of DO NOTHING, they never passed anything since they took over the House, everything is OBSTRUCTION, they failed on the MULLER investigation, they are still in the INQUIRY trying to find out what Article of Impeachment were violated. Voters are smart they knew what is the truth.

  • Tiago Del Mundo
    4 October 2019 at 3:16 am - Reply

    It makes me wonder what kind of journalist are reporting these days? If you have to write articles like this one, why do you even cite or mention polls or surveys conducted by CNN or New York Times? If you cannot do your own so called journalism, why do you have to limit your sources of information from Democratic controlled (friendly) media, but not any conservative sources like. Fox News? So, the outcome of this article is really misleading (short changing) the FilAm community. I am confident that the reason why Fox News is not mentioned is because it debunks all the Trump media haters such as CNN or New York Times, says Lito Cortez, a long time FilAm resident of Vallejo, California. Tito Lito argued that Adam “Bullschiff” Schiff is a total loser and embarrassment to the intelligence community and that there is nothing he can say or do that is believable or it will even hold droplets of water. Everytime Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi or any Democrats are talking out there, they seemed to be constipated or maybe (just maybe) they squirted some and it stinks and the rest of the Democrats are just tolerating it. It is in no doubt that biggest regret the Democrats would ever have in their political career is when President Trump gets re-elected and its because of their hatred and lies…