Political pundits say Pelosi-Trump tension during SOTU shows “dim future” for bipartisanship

As President Donald Trump began his State of the Union speech, it was clear this was not the Donald Trump on the campaign trail that loudly rallies his base.

It was a subdued, more presidential Trump, trying to win the hearts of even the moderate voters.

According to some political analysts, this could be viewed as his first true campaign speech for 2020.

Though Trump spent a significant amount of time detailing his administration’s economic gains, Prof. James Taylor, a political analyst from the University of San Francisco takes it with a grain of salt as this could have benefited anybody who would have won after President Barack Obama.

Prof. Taylor saw this as more than a tit for tat for Trump’s refusal to shake Sen. Pelosi’s hand at the start. But it was a sign of how bi-partisanship looks dim at least for the next 9 months.

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  • Mario
    8 February 2020 at 3:39 am - Reply

    Pelosi,Harry Reed,the Democrat changes the voting for Supreme Court nominee from 67 votes to 51 votes, hoping HClinton will be the next President and with her victory, there will be no more GOP President for the next 100 years. TRUMP won, appointed 2 SC Judge 5-4 majority for the next 40 yrs, appointed 191 Fed Judge too. TRUMP winning on the Judicial System, winning on the economy, highest approval rating on his tenure. If you analyzed his SUTO speech it geared towards BLACK Votes. . Reagan got 12%, Romney=6%, Trump =8%, black votes. For 100 years 95% of the black, voted Dems, but if GOP will get a PERMANENT 30% of the black votes they will win the Presidency, for the next 100 years. Trump delivered lowest Black unemployment, highest employment for NON-HSchool graduate Black, the lowest poverty rate for Black in US history. Built BORDER wall, to stop illegal alien who replaces the Black worker. During Clinton era, 4 Blacks go to JAIL against 1 white, TRUMP passed the Criminal reform, targeted Black women getting out of prison, already funded HBCU (Historically Black College Univer.) called School choice, Gov’t Housing built on Opportunity Zone(black depress area) by Black Contractor, appointed head/Pastors for Opportunity Zone. That is why PELOSI is so angry she knew the direction of TRUMP, if they lose 2020 election, she knew DEMS Party is over.