Political Pinays: Filipinas run for city council and mayoral seats in the Southland

CALIFORNIA — From Los Angeles County to Orange and San Diego, Filipinos are vying for seats in their respective city halls.

A familiar face is hoping to be the first Filipina elected as a city councilwoman in the heavily Pinoy-populated city of Artesia.

Melissa Ramoso, the state chair of the Democratic party API caucus unsuccessfully ran 5 years ago.

But with more experience since, she’s hoping to join Fil-Am councilman Victor Manalo on Artesia’s council.

“I’ve had time to reflect since the first time I ran, and this time having done all these leadership experiences these years will be helpful for me to a city council member,” she says. “I know how to work with different personalities, different partisan politics, so I’ll be able to serve in the best ability for the city.”

In the home of the happiest place on earth, former Anaheim city councilwoman Lorri Galloway hopes to be the mayor of Anaheim after falling short in 2014.

In Southern Orange County, Christiana Mackey, an appointed member of the city of Laguna Hills parks and recreation commission, is hoping to move on up to the city council.

Next to the Mexican border in San Diego, Ditas Delos Santos Yamane is hoping to be the first Filipino woman elected as mayor of National City, one of San Diego County’s most heavily Pinoy-populated hubs.

“It’s definitely a time for Filipino women to shine, and there’s also Filipino men running, and it’s incredible to see this. I think just from the recent presidential election and people wanting to be empowered and make a difference, this is definitely a time for everyone.”

Other Filipino Americans are also seeking various posts throughout the Southland.

Midterm election day is November 6th.

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    18 October 2018 at 1:46 am - Reply

    According to Bro Nemesio Mendez (San Diego resident and Masonic lodge member), most cities in the area are heavily populated by Filipinos. For the longest time I have been going to San Diego, Filipinos have formed their “cliques” (e.g. meme is or kapampamngans, panggalatoks, visaya, etc) and they do not talk to anyone outside their cliques…said Mendez…If you wear a thick gold necklace with the inverted caliper symbol, you could bet you will received the best service on just about anything, says Edilberto Manlutac (a long time San Diego resident…

    • Arbi
      19 October 2018 at 11:56 pm - Reply

      another posting of according to, always hearsay, knows someone, etc, etc. BS!