Political blow to Trump and GOP, following Democrat Doug Jones’ win in Alabama

A stunning ending to a contest that gained national attention. Democrat Doug Jones has won over embattled Republican opponent, Roy Moore in Alabama’s special senate election yesterday.

This was the first Democratic senate victory in a quarter-century in one of the reddest of red states.

The loss is a political blow to President Donald Trump and an already divided GOP — in a race marked by sexual misconduct accusations against Moore.

“Think back to the previous step in this election, right? Donald Trump supported Roy Moore’s opponent in the primary, Luther Strange. He lost. Then Trump switched to Roy Moore. He lost. If Trump is losing in his deepest of red states, in his Republican states, then the swing states, the blue states, this should send an ominous warning to Mr. Donald Trump, this is not your country,” said Alan Marlow.

“I think they destroyed a good man. So I’m feeling bad for Roy Moore,” said one supporter, James Calkins. “Because Roy Moore was a good, Christian person. And I believe he would have been a great senator. So, feeling upset for Roy Moore, absolutely. Feeling hurt for Roy Moore, absolutely. Feeling hurt for our country, absolutely.”

Jones’ victory trims the republican’s already narrow senate majority to 51-49, endangering trump’s agenda and providing an opportunity for democrats to possibly retake the chamber in next year’s congressional elections.

Despite Jones’ apparent victory over Moore, Moore refused to concede, telling supporters that votes were still coming in and state law would trigger a recount if the margin was within half a percent.

Professor Jay Gonzalez of Golden Gate University joines BA to talk about this big win for the Democrats in Alabama, and how this will affect President Trump and the GOP.

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  • Mario
    13 December 2017 at 8:48 pm - Reply

    Doug Jones will assumed office on January 1,2018, Right now GOP control 52-49 votes + VP votes total of 53. The GOP will passed before the end of the year the Trump Tax cut and Job creation Act. Passing of this bill will have Trump re-elected for 2 terms.. As predicted on
    watch, youtube; prophecy Trump 2007…