Police still trying to determine motive in homicide case involving Fil-Am firefighter

28-year-old John Brian Mananghaya Aguila was last seen a week ago.

After this West Covina, California Pinoy was reported missing for the past several days, and his car was found abandoned with gloves and blood-splattered clothes.

Police are now investigating this missing person’s case as homicide, believing Aguila’s disappearance may be linked to a burnt body found in Upland last Saturday.

“There was evidence that we feel are linked to that so this is being looked at. The body has not been identified obviously we’re working with the San Bernardino county sheriff’s department as we do the investigation. So at this point we do not know positively that it’s connected but we’re looking in that direction,” said Rudy Lopez with the West Covina Police Department.Aguila’s car had been impounded over the weekend. Surveillance video shows a man that was not Aguila, abandoning the car in San Dimas.

Fingerprints and the video have led to the arrest of two men; Elijah Thomas Rouse And Shaun Cardarelli who are due in court on Thursday.

And if Aguila was indeed murdered, Police said they have yet to figure out the relationship between the Filipino American firefighter and the two suspects. A motive has yet to be determined.

“It certainly is a very important link to the whole thing as the pieces set together and you see the order of which this happened he leaves on Thursday, doesn’t get reported until Saturday that because the way the car was impounded on Friday all of those links made it possible to be where we’re at today. So very crucial.”

While the identify of the burnt body has yet to be determined by the coroners office, West Covina police said they have been speaking to Aguila’s family.

“Our department is working hand in hand with them we’ve been by their side they’ve been informed of all the things that have happened all the details that surfaced so they’re aware these facts that are coming. We will continue to work with them til justice is served.”

The Aguila family, who hails from Nueva Ecija, declined to speak on camera, but relatives told ABS CBN News that they have been gathering together, praying and trying to stay strong during these tough times.

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