Police on manhunt for thief targeting Filipino stores

By Steve Angeles, ABS CBN North America Bureau

July 3, 2013

LOS ANGELES– Since last December, a man whom police describe as a 5-foot 9, Asian, in his mid to late 20s, weighing between 160 to 180 pounds and wearing a woman’s wig,
has robbed some 15 locations throughout California, holding remittance centers and at least one grocery at gunpoint.

They believe the getaway car is a light colored BMW sports utility vehicle. While police can’t confirm if he’s Filipino, people familiar with the case claims he speaks Tagalog during his heists.

“It’s a big concern especially with the Filipino community all the victims in this particular case are Filipino remittance centers. Thankfully the mayors office has approved a reward for $25,000 and we hope that with that money someone out there knows who he is and can call us with the information and put this man behind bars,” said LAPD detective Freddy Arroyo.

Most of the crimes have occurred in the Los Angeles area in neighborhoods with high Filipino populations and sometimes inside Filipino shopping centers. The city is now offering a $25,000 USD reward for his capture. He’s also been spotted in the San Francisco Bay Area and San Diego county.

Though armed with a gun, shots have not yet been fired, and one victim had been tased.

“The suspect enters the business he is armed with a handgun he has jumped the counters through barriers and will take the money and jewelry if there’s jewelry there,” explained Arroyo.

Police are asking anyone with information to call the LAPD at 213-486-6840.

You may contact Steve Angeles at steve_angeles@abs-cbn.com

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  • kikayPang0
    4 July 2013 at 5:17 am - Reply

    The suspect must be an illegal homo immigrant stashing money for his extravagant gay wedding.

  • Delia
    4 July 2013 at 5:43 am - Reply

    Our society begins to morally decay we will all pay the temporal price, whether it’s a skyrocket in mental illness, child abuse, STD’s, crime, drug abuse, abortion, same sex marriage or whatever, everyone will feel the pain this brings. When the government fails to punish evil, sin abounds even more.