Police notified of Filipino shooter’s abusive history

FAIRFAX, Va. – May 12 marks one week since Gladys Tordil was allegedly murdered by her estranged husband Eulalio Tordil as she was picking up her daughters from school.

New information found that Eulalio was on the police’s radar before his alleged shooting spree.

In a story from WUSA9, a spokesman from the Prince George’s County Police said during the forensic interview conducted by Child Protective Services it was learned that a previous report of sexual abuse by Eulalio occurred in Arizona.

Atty. Arendo Valera, Executive Director of the Migrant Heritage Foundation, said that more awareness of domestic violence can help save lives.

“The larger picture is domestic violence and when we talk of the Filipino community we are closed off and we do not talk in the open about the issues of domestic violence,’ said Valera. “So it’s very important when you learn of domestic violence and it doesn’t matter if its spouse or the children you need to say something.”

He was also informed that Gladys’ body is now in a morgue in Baltimore but no one can claim her because she does not have any next of kin in the United States; however, Valera is making sure she will be taken care of.

“We are arraigning a funeral home as part of the Migrant Heritage Commission and they are ready to pick up the body so we’re just waiting for the authorization and we also requested the state attorney’s office to endorse a letter for the eldest sister of Gladys to come to America,” said Valera.

Gladys’ two daughters are currently in foster care and according to Valera, the family would like them to return to the Philippines with the remains of their mother; however, he says that the law may require them to stay.

“I understand that the family must heal especially when dealing with the two children but you’re talking of a heinous crime so they might be called to testify later on in a court of law,” said Valera.

He says it could take weeks and approximately $8,000 – $10,000 to have Gladys flown to the Philippines for a funeral.

Valera has been working with an organization out of Chicago that will be sending donations for funeral costs. He also contacted the state of Maryland to request resources from the Victim’s Compensation Fund.

Eulalio is charged with three murders and three assaults from his alleged shooting spree last Thursday and Friday in Maryland.

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