Police find and interview woman behind anti-Filipino attacks in Torrance

TORRANCE, CA — Authorities have found the woman caught in a series of anti-Asian attacks in Southern California. But no arrest has been made.

In a statement, the Torrance police department said that detectives have managed to track down and interview Lena Hernandez at a park in nearby San Pedro, Calif.

Last week, Hernandez was caught on video verbally attacking a Filipina named Sherry at Wilson Park in Torrance.

A second video from the same day showed Hernandez verbally assaulting an Asian family.

Hernandez was also accused of physically attacking another Filipina, Kayceelynn Salminao, at a Torrance mall last October.

During a peaceful gathering last week to denounce racism, Salminao expressed frustration that the police had moved slow when it came to looking into her incident.

“I just feel angry that I was actually physically assaulted and it was brushed under the rug, but now during the pandemic, and everything being brought to light it just makes me angry that it took this woman and her racist rants to be brought to light like where’s my justice, I was physically attacked.”

The Torrance police department explained in its press release that Hernandez was interviewed, and based on the fact that all three incidents are misdemeanor crimes and did not occur in the presence of an officer, Hernandez was not arrested at the time of the interview.

Authorities said the details of the interview will be sent to the Torrance prosecutor’s office.

The investigation on Hernandez is ongoing.

Police are asking people with information on the cases or if they have also had any run-ins with Hernandez to contact them.

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