PNP officers training with FBI in Los Angeles

Some cross-cultural training as members of the Philippine National Police are meeting with their counterparts at the FBI. The partnership is intended to strengthen both agencies.

Filipino law enforcers have begun their two-week training program with the FBI’s Los Angeles office.

This year, 57 members of the Philippine National Police made the trip to learn from their American counterparts.

It’s the largest group in the program’s 4-year history.

“It’s a privilege and a great chance to be training with the FBI,” said Supt. Rederico A. Maranan, head of the PH delegation. “We are trained to have proper decision making, how to make strategies and more o the administration of officers.”

For officers, working together can also help in combatting global threats, from terrorism, to human and drug trafficking rings.

“All the crimes now are considered as some sort of transnational. It knows no borders so a cooperation by law enforcement agencies is a much needed method in order to combat these crimes especially with the assistance of the FBI.”

With the PNP being criticized for its war on drugs, Superintendent Maranan believes, participation in these exercises will help boost public trust.

“Training always has a positive effect on an organization and to its people so when you train you gain more knowledge you gain more learning and this learning is always treated as a positive way of improving the image,” he said. “People will be giving us more trust, we also have more confidence to lead our people.”

While the PNP will be touring facilities and learning the administrative side of their duties, the tactics and skills training is done continuously in the Philippines.

The next batch of PNP officers will undergo another round of training in the first quarter of 2017, ready to continue their personal growth and their working relations with their international counterparts.

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  • kikay paNGO
    5 November 2017 at 9:19 am - Reply

    This homicidal arrogant useless idiots has no effort and skills in law enforcement …. They ‘re proud of themselves killing innocent people… Nothing positive to say about them ,,,,Chimps have a better understanding compare to PNP

    • Santiago Del Mundo
      11 November 2017 at 12:18 am - Reply

      You need to see Abby Paclibar or Miss Oh to fix your nose kikay…

  • Mario
    5 November 2017 at 7:41 pm - Reply

    Good job… from the FBI, US taxpayers money will be used, during the training PNP officers and men might received stipend pay from the US Govt. and extra allowances from PNP. In return the FBI will have a direct informant/contact on the actual crime being committed inside the PH. The FBI had created a covert and overt informant inside the PNP and all over the PH. The FBI does not believed FAKE NEWS, does not trust local Fil-Am leftist community and media. If the FBI have this training program during on the past Administration, 1 Billion Pesos a day drug business should have not flourished. How lucky the past leaders, no convictions at all, only DeLima, not the 5 PNP Generals who operate like a Cartel.

  • GoodBye
    12 November 2017 at 8:16 am - Reply

    It’s ok with me, what will happen. PNP officers training with the FBI, maybe they all learn good things from our FBI.