PNP officers among many enforcer athletes at World Police and Fire Games

The Los Angeles Summer Olympics is still 11 years away, but for the next eight days, the “city of angels” will have an Olympic-type atmosphere as it hosts the World Police and Fire Games.

From now until August 16th, thousands of police men and women will be representing their countries in a variety of sports — from boxing to basketball, to badminton and track and field, as well as unique competitions that puts policing skills to the ultimate athletic test.

One of the biggest forces at the World Police and Fire Games comes from the Philippines. Team Philippines has about 80 athletes, with most of them from the Philippine National Police and a few from regional departments.

Filipino officers from around the globe say these games are a chance to show spirit, good will and unity among law enforcement agencies.

“This is the time for us somehow to relax at this point,” said PNP General Ramon Purugganan. “But also to show the spirit of one-ness dito sa PNP for that matter. All of us are excited and happy to join this activity.”

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