PNP Chief Bato promises “less deaths and less bloody war on drugs”

NEW YORK — On the first night of Simbang Gabi Sa Konsulado in New York, Philippine National Police chief Ronald “Bato” de La Rosa asked the Filipino community for a gift — prayers for a drug-free Philippines.

“Sana ay isama niyo kami sa inyong prayers na ang pnp ay magiging successful sa war on drugs, sana sa aming pagbabalik sa war on drugs wala nang mamatay, hindi na ito madugo,” De La Rosa.

According to Real Numbers PH, after more than 77,000 anti-drug operations from July 2016 until October 2017.

There were more than 107,000 drug-related arrests and about 4,000 drug personalities killed during PNP operations.

Based on an independent monitoring of the ABS-CBN investigative and research group more than 43000 were killed in the Philippine bloody war on drugs.

After the Philippine drug enforcement agency or PDEA’s take over last October – the Philippine National Police will now resume its anti-drug operations.

De la Rosa promises to be more cautious this time.

“I can’t guarantee you na mababawasan, but what I can guarantee you is that we’ll still proceed with our war on drugs in full speed, but with extreme caution,” he said.

By “extreme caution…” Bato meant: Ingatan na hindi tayo masisingitan ng masasamang tao, mga masasamang sindikato, na sasakay sa ating war on drugs, so yan ang binantayan natin.”

Filipino New Yorkers say they will be holding Bato accountable to his promise.

“The eyes of the world are on them, I truly believe na in their heart na they want to prove na hindi talaga sila para pumatay ng mga tao,” said Vivian Talambiras-Cruz
Simbang Gabi organizer.

“Hindi po kami basta basta na lang pumapatay, sinasabi meron namang nagkakamali, meron nag aabuso pero kinakasuhan natin yan, generally we want to preserve life,” said Bato.

As the Philippine National Police continue President Rodrigo Duterte’s bloody war on drugs — members of Filipino-American community in New York say they will be watching them closely this time.

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    14 December 2017 at 11:01 pm - Reply

    It makes me wonder that the figures circulated (14,000 or 43,000 death from Philippines drug war) could have come from highly reliable sources such as Francisco Tatad, Sheila Coronel or the Rappler? According to Tiglao, this figures were grossly exaggerated to paint Duterte as the president “bathed in blood” by Sheila Coronel…there are wannabe bloggers or advocates out there who would “cut and paste” anything so they have something to say for the day for giggles. It is just sad that there are those who are easily misguided by fake news or fake information…