PNoy advises Pacquiao to retire after Mayweather fight

LAS VEGAS – Manny Pacquiao is pumped up for the fight of his life this weekend. But will the mega-bout against Floyd Mayweather Jr. be his last? It could be, if the Pacman follows advice from President Aquino.



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  • Mario
    29 April 2015 at 8:28 pm - Reply

    Time to give my prediction, MPac will win via split decision, $100M guaranteed earning.From PH to LVegas MPac is sourounded with people of shady characters. There will be a RETURN BOUT, maybe next year, and MPac will loose on the 2nd fight, so that there will be a 3rd fight….This 1st fight will generate a Billion dollar, PPV will sell a revenue of $300M. LVegas betting offices will sell $100M, how about Lake Tahoe, Atlantic City,Pechanga, and many more.Mafia’s betting offices/partner on foreign countries like,S. Africa, Carribean, Macau, Monaco, London,and Dubai,hundred Million dollars will be made.MPac is allowed to place 6 endorsement on his pants.How about his balato from his shady partners in PH or he is also a capitalista.After the fight MPac preferred to be called REVERENT rather than Champ, to avoid paying BIR Tax .

  • JRB
    30 April 2015 at 8:54 am - Reply

    I feel Manny isn’t that good anymore like five years ago he was the true pound for pound boxer in the world. Look three fights ago he got knock-out and after he had fight boxers that wasn’t good at all just trying to show the world that he was back? Look #1- He can’t take a good punch because you all saw him kiss the canvas, #2- his legs isn’t like before and he knows that, #3- to Manny it’s about money now because he knows he is ready to call it “QUITS FROM THE BOXING RING.” After this fight he will quit from boxing. Mayweather will win the fight because he hasn’t lost a fight and I don’t think he wants to lose to a boxer that has lost already? And he is the true pound for pound boxer in the world. And I’m putting my money on Mayweather and I don’t like him because he has a big mouth? But he is a true American like me, and because I remember another boxer that America hated and he was one hell of a boxer the name was “ALI.” Remember Ali well guess what Mayweather is like “ALI.” Oh well good luck to both boxers may the best boxer wins.