PM Harper endorses Quimpo in halo-halo event

By Marieton Pacheco, ABS-CBN News North America Bureau

VANCOUVER, CANADA – Campaign season is in full gear and with it comes all kinds of gimmick like Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s halo-halo with the community.

Harper and his wife joined Pinoy candidate Jojo Quimpo in the Vancouver Kingsway riding for the quick photo op.

The video has been shared on social media.

And while some kababayans appreciate the gesture, they say it will take more than halo halo to earn their vote.

“It’s not going to be enough,” said Rosette Samaniego. “It would help him para makakuha ng votes pero personally it’s not gonna be enough. I would really love to see some improvement on the immigration policies.”

Community organizer RJ Aquino adds that Harper’s move is reminiscent of traditional politics or “trapo” in the Philippines.

“Why was he there,” asks Aquino. “Obviously it’s a campaign stop, get the vote out, but to me its alarming that there’s a lack of substance. Sure you can go out and reach out to the community but what does it turn to?”

That’s exactly why he calls on kababayans to study candidates and their parties more in the last few weeks before the October 19 polls.

“We need to, as a community, look beyond photo opportunities with politicians and other public figures but we can ask them, as a politician, what do you think are the issues that are affecting the Fil community,” said Aquino. “Find out if they’ve done their homework, see if they actually know before engaging with the community.”

It’s a three way race in this year’s Federal elections.

Does Canada stay under the Conservative party’s leadership or will there be a new Prime Minister in the Liberal Party’ Justin Trudeau or the National Democrat Party’s Tom Mulcair? The election is set for October 19.

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  • Bert
    20 September 2015 at 10:45 am - Reply

    Why did Mr. Jojo Quimpo, Conservative Party Candidate Kingsway Riding disappeared yesterday 19Sept2015 during the debate which was organized by The Conference of Chinese Canadian Forum? The Organizers have been looking for him. He was there for the photo op and then disappeared. The public wants to know what happened to him. Was he controlled by the party on no participation on debates? We want to know the truth.

  • RJ Aquino
    21 September 2015 at 6:40 pm - Reply

    In an upcoming blog entry on Huffington Post, I will further elaborate on some of my comments in this video as well as on comments that did not make the cut in this clip.

    In the meantime, I implore those in the Filipino community to take a critical look at ALL candidates in their riding and their respective parties. There will be individuals that stand up to scrutiny and there will be those whose ambitions overshadow their supposed principles.

    Those speaking in mere platitudes will try to evoke kinship through culture without substantive knowledge of the issues or realistic application of policy. Worse yet, there are those who will try to convince you of their stature in the community because of their delusion that they wield power due to their perceived proximity to it.

    Mga kababayan, this is classic trapo politics.