PJ Raval’s “Come and Take It” takes shot at controversial Texas gun law

Texas law allows anyone to carry a concealed pistol on campus, but not sex toys. That’s why young protesters, who call the policy ironic, have used it as a way to get their anti-gun message across. Their protesting became the subject of a Filipino American filmmaker’s short film. Don Tagala has this report.

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  • Mario
    30 September 2020 at 12:51 am - Reply

    TEXAS is a Republican control State, everybody owns a GUN, the concealed weapon is also allowed in the School campus. This is within the scope of the 2nd Amendment. CHICAGO a Democrat control State, the strictest GUN law in the US, but crime gun violence is the highest every day. Where do those GUNS come from, it is banned in Chicago, how come every day average of 5 dies of gun violence in Chicago. Maybe Chicago should copy TEXAS gun Law everybody can own a gun,.