Pinoys participate in SF gay pride

By Nadia Trinidad, ABS CBN North America Bureau Chief

July 1, 2013

San Francisco – Rainbow colors brighten Market Street every year as hundreds of thousands come together, beaming with pride. And each time, we seek out a group of Filipinos who lend their voice to the gay rights movement.

“I want to be who I am, and just walk around and say, I am who I am!,” George Fuentes said.

He marches with other healthcare workers to this parade every year and this time, there’s a spring in his step, following the court’s historic decisions restoring same sex marriage in California and granting federal benefits to gay couples in America.

“It really means a lot for us, specially gay people because we’ve been wanting to be, first, acknowledged,” he said, “We have our loved ones that we want to marry also. And, finally I don’t have to go anywhere else to marry him.”

Debir Arzado always shows up in a traditional Filipino terno, a fitting fashion statement, he said, for a man who can marry another man in America, but not in his homeland.

“Bakit natin ipagkakait kung ang dalawang tao nagmamahal? It’s all about love,” he said.

They said victory has never looked this festive.

“The federal government realizes that we are people just like everyone else and that we should have rights just like everyone else,” said Jonnathan Enskat.

From dignitaries and politicians, to Silicon Valley CEOs, to couples who questioned Prop 8 in court, more than 200 groups participated in the city’s 43rd annual pride parade, that looks back at the Stonewall riots where police stormed a gay bar in New York in the 60s, triggering protests and popularizing the slogan, ‘out of the closet and into the streets.’

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  • Jen
    2 July 2013 at 12:59 pm - Reply

    Let Us All, Forever Celebrate Love!

  • Jesus M Rojo
    4 July 2013 at 4:17 pm - Reply

    Thank you for coming by SF GAY PRIDE 2013 We where the American and Filipino Towards the end . He was wearing the black and gold strip polo and i was in my black shirt. It was a awesome year for me and being a dj for San Francisco Ducal Courts Disco Cable Car Float it was awesome to be there with my husband, family,my nephews and nieces dance group Soul Con Dance Company ,My best friends and everyone who had came out this year and helped us prepare for the San Francio Ducal Courts Cable Car Disco.. We where a small group but we showed up with pride ,love and proud of being gay this year and celebrating Same Sex Marriage with everyone..My husband and i have been married for 15 years way before the Prop 8 had happened and now that Prop 8 this 2013 . My husband and i had more reason to celebrate SF Gay Pride 2013 because we now are Proud Gay Catholic and Lutharon who now can really have a big wedding at our Churches here in San Francisco… Like my Family my family all had wed in St Patrick;s Church and i do hope one day that the husband and i will be able to throw a big traditional Filipino wedding again.. I am sure my Dad and my Brother who just passed away 3 years ago are looking down us both and everyone and are proud of us.. We had fought a long battle of being seen as a couple to the world and now we have the chance and freedom to really express our love to each other and show everyone not to be afraid to show who you love and to always stand up tall and proud of your sexuality,race and religion..My parents always taught me to love everyone and not to judge people and to be proud of what ever we do in life with our Spouses even if we are both Married men . My Parents always told us both that god loves everyone Even his Gay Children and Married Children. We still have a long battle ahead of us . There are still people who cannot get married in their own countries and states but keep fighting,marching and follow your dreams.. We did and look now. We are a Married Couple.. thank you again. Happy Pride to you all. Happy Pride to all my Filipino Gays and Lesbians from
    all over the world.. Love yourselves always and do not blame yourselves for being gay or a lesbian. This is who we are and we should not hide our sexuality any more.. Thank you again.
    Jesus M Rojo.

    P.s. I am a Proud Gay Catholic Filipino Gay Male married to a Terrific man who i call my husband.