Pinoys in Nevada bring Pinoy-style carolling to America

By Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Dec. 24, 2013

LAS VEGAS – Carolling is a popular Christmas tradition in the Philippines. And kababayans in Nevada got to experience this after watching the show of the Kalahi Philippine Folkloric Ensemble.

The group performed with a tambourine using tansan or bottle caps, which is also used by children carollers back home.

“These tansan is made from the Philippines. We imported it here and the kids from Cebu, Philippines made these and shared these with the kids in Las Vegas. That’s the true spirit of Christmas,” Dr. Jaei Tan of the Kalahi Folkloric Ensemble said.

Rey Espina, also of the Kalahi Folkloric Ensemble added, “That’s our goal — to present the Filipino spirit of Christmas.”

The musical, titled “Jingle, Jingel, Jingol” showed how children in the Philippines make their own instruments for traditional carolling.

Kalahi members Michael Santa Juana expressed, “We remember using tansan during carollings when we were kids. Using these, we feel the Pinoy Christmas.”

From singkil to pastoras, Kalahi also showcased colorful Philippine cultural dances.

This show was made possible because of the enthusiasm of each member towards culture and arts. That’s our mission – to preserve Philippine culture,” Gerald Gutierrez, Kalahi member shared.

“Ang Tansan sa Pasko” proved that wherever Christmas is celebrated, some Pinoy holiday traditions never go out of style.

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