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JUAREZ, MEXICO — For several years, Juarez, Mexico — which is across the border from El Paso, Texas — is known as Mexico’s “murder city,” but now American companies with factories and manufacturing plants there are betting on a comeback that once seemed highly unlikely.

Juarez was racked by drug murders and the global economic meltdown. Companies employing hundreds of thousands of workers left town, along with thousands of terrified residents.

But these Filipino engineers braved to stay. They are now immigrants who live in Mexico with a secured border permit, and American tourist visas, to cross the U.S. border legally.

“Nung nandito kase kami medyo magulo yung situation dahil merun silang fight against drugs so hindi kami nakakalabas ng campus ng company dapat in groups kami,” said Filipino resident Rene Fabra, who lives in Juarez. “So yun hindi ka pwedeng lumabas ng individual of course adjustment kase ma mi miss mo yung family mo like ako yung daughter ko at wife ko nasa Pilipinas.”

“Coming to Mexico is a bit easier for me because it was a request of the company, because they needed to hire more people [in the] industry 3 years ago,” said Rogelyn Ramos, who works in the Mexican town.

Ramos says living in Juarez is a “dream come true.”

“Before nag, I struggle din yung mga kapwa ko Filipino to get a U.S. visa it took them 2 years before they got their… and then when I came along, nag try kami in less than 7 months, na makakuha ng visa.”

While many are trying to cross the border and live the American dream, for these Pinoys, being a Mexican immigrant is promising more opportunities than the life they had in the Philippines.

“Kase yung earnings namin dito almost triple ang ration,” added Fabra.

“More money yes, kase sa umpisa hindi naman namin naisip na mapupunta  kami ditoo sa ibang bansa so nung, binigay na sa amin yung opportunity grinab na namin,” said immigrant Arvyn Reyes.

There are currently hundreds of Pinoys living in Mexico and working for American companies in Juarez.

They also say that President-elect Donald Trump’s economic agenda might jeopardize their jobs, by threatening companies that move jobs outside of U.S. borders.

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  • Mario
    11 December 2016 at 12:54 am - Reply

    Under Trump administration,Pinoys employed by US corporations that moves into Mexico, might jeopardized or lose their jobs. Trump will reduced corporate tax from 35% to 15%, one of the lowest in the world.This will attract foreign investors,more jobs coming.Product made by US Mexico will pay 35% import tax once it crosses the US border. With this formulas, No More profit to be made by the US Corp from Mexico, chances are they will come back and open a new plant inside US and create more jobs.On January 2015,Carrier announced their intention to move their manufacturing plant to Mexico.During the campaign Trump promised to stop Carrier moving to Mexico once he will be elected.Last week, Carrier CEO and Trump announced that Carrier will not move to Mexico which saves 1200 American jobs. Another political blunder from the Democrat Party. WH had all the power to stop Carriers movement and should have given the credit to Hillary.It should had been slapped on the face of Trump who was talking Carrier for 18 months.