Pinoys feel effects of Qatar travel restrictions

LOS ANGELES, CA — It’s business as usual at the Los Angeles International Airport, as Qatar Airways flights went on as scheduled.

Passengers continued to board on and off the lone incoming and outgoing flights.

With the Qatar isolation, flights from DOHA are now operating on restricted airspace.

Planes are not allowed to travel through Saudi, the UAE, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, and Yemen.

Travel between the US and Qatar is not affected, but travelers using Qatar as a transit point to get to the country’s that have cut ties with Qatar are affected.

This Filipina passenger is trying to get back to work in Dubai.

She was supposed to fly via Qatar Airways, and then connect to Dubai — but the travel restrictions is forcing her to change travel plans.

If she went on with her scheduled flight, she would’ve needed a Qatar visa to land and stay in Qatar during these travel restrictions.

She will take a refund a find another route from Los Angeles to Dubai.

While airlines will have to refund or rebook passengers during these times, it’s also unknown how long this airspace restrictions will last.


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