Pinoys among thousands to gather in SF for Super Bowl 50

SAN FRANCISCO – In the lead up to the biggest sporting event of the year thousands of people gathered in San Francisco to enjoy free-admission to “Super Bowl City”.

Fans were treated to a variety of different activities and attractions that included interactive video games, super bowl trivia, and live music and entertainment.

People found themselves in long lines for everything – from getting food to taking pictures with the Super Bowl 50 logo.

And even though the local teams would not be playing in the big game this Sunday Pinoy fans were repping their team while enjoying the Super Bowl celebration.

“The Niners always been good but I know right now they’re on the down but I’ve always been a fan,” said Edward Gonzalez. “I’ve raised my girls to be fans they love watching the football games so we got to root for them.”

“This is a great experience for the Bay Area especially for San Francisco having the chance to host this sports city area,” said Melchor Juan.

The event also did not just attract football fans.

A crowd formed inside Super Bowl City in a silent protest against the recent police shooting of stabbing suspect Mario Woods.

“We have police killings, police brutality,” said a protester only going by the name Max. “It’s definitely related to the Filipino-American community and also all people of color because San Francisco has been gentrified already.”

The protest was peaceful as police monitored the demonstrators.

Police presence was highly visible inside and outside of Super Bowl City to ensure the safety of locals and visitors.

Super bowl city will be open to the public until the conclusion of super bowl as the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos face off on Sunday, February 7th.

Along with interactive games and activates, fans will also be treated to free performances by artists like Chris Issak, One Republic, and Alicia Keys in the lead up to Super Bowl Sunday.

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