Pinoys agree to internet sale safe zone in Daly City

DALY CITY, Calif. – Buying, selling, or exchanging new or used items have become easier thanks to the internet; however, it has also become a way for criminals to prey upon potential victims.

David Canepa, Vice Mayor of Daly City, wants to protect his community by proposing legislation for an “Internet Safe Sale and Exchange Zone”.

“It’s a public safety issue,” said Canepa. “They don’t know who their meeting with. Is it going to someone’s house or is it going to a location they’re not familiar with.”

The size of the internet safe zone would take up two parking spaces and it will also be in close proximity to cameras and the police station.

“Those two parking spaces are visiting parking right now,” said Canepa. “We just had a camera recently installed. What I’m proposing will cost the tax payer zero dollars. We’re going to ask a small business to donate the signs for the Internet safe zone and those signs cost about $250 but I’m sure there will be a business to do that.”

Canepa says that while a majority of these internet sales and exchanges have been safe there have been instances in the past that led to violence involving Daly City residents.

In 2013, 22-year-old college student Ikenna Uwakah was visiting family in the Bay Area when he was killed over a PlayStation he was trying sell.

Also that year, teenage Pinoy Rommel Navarez was shot by police after attempting to rob people of their cell phones after posting fake online ads.

Kristine Pinon and Jeffrey De Jesus, Filipino Daly City residents who buys and sells online, support Canepa’s legislation.

Pinon said, “I grew up here so it’s a pretty safe community but we don’t want to take these chances, especially with kids having access to the internet you just never know who is doing those exchanges.”

De Jesus added, “When you’re making an exchange with someone you don’t know whether it’s $500 or $100 you don’t know the person so you don’t know what to expect. I think it is about time.”

Canepa said he consulted with city officials across the country who have internet safe zones already in place and was told that crime has decreased.

If implemented, Daly City would be the third city in California and the first in the Bay Area to have an internet safe zone.

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