Pinoy whiz kids win big at Las Vegas memory competition

LAS VEGAS – It takes just one minute for whiz kid Jamyla Domingo Lambunao to memorize and recite 50 words that were just read to her while blindfolded.

And what’s more amazing is she can also recite the words in reverse.

Jamyla can also memorize 300 words in 15 minutes.

That’s why this child wonder bagged two gold medals in the U.S. Open Memory Championship.

“You need to exaggerate because the human can remember things faster by translating works and numbers to images,” said Jamyla.

Aside from words, Jamyla can also memorize pictures, numbers, and cards.

Jamyla is only 13-years-old but she is already in third year of high school in the Philippines.

Joining an international contest, she says, is quite a sacrifice.

“Because you travel, actually the school permits me to be excused for one month to train for the world memory championship but I am not qualified because of my one month absence.”

Silver medalist Johan Abrina says dedication and hard work are a must when gearing up for an international competition.

“We spend around six to eight hours a day in training in specific tournaments for example abstract images, names and numbers cards we do the exact thing we do in the tournament,” said Abrina.

Meanwhile, Team Pilipinas coach Aexl Tabernilla says  the team will excel in world competitions with government support.

“We really want to prove that we are world class and we can fight and keep the pace with the big countries,” said Tabernilla.

Meanwhile, Fil-Am leader of Las Vegas Bernie Benito says Congress should pass a law supporting all child wonders competing internationally.

“The government should give them assistance to enhance their capabilities especially if they bring honor to the Philippines,” said Benito.

Among the countries defeated by the Philippine team are the U.K., Mongolia, Norway, Sweden, and the United States.

Mark Anthony Castaneda brought home the bronze medal this year.


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