Pinoy Warriors vs. Cavs fans on 2017 NBA Finals

The stage for the 2017 NBA finals is set, and it will be for the rubber match between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Here at the Cutlery Barber Shop in Daly City, CA, Pinoy fans couldn’t be more ready to see their Warriors take home the title.

“We’re gonna sweep all the way through. What’s up. It’s the city. It’s not the land. Stay dry out there. They come out here to get splashed on.”

Warrior fans say they feel extra confident with having former MVP Kevin Durant added to the line-up, and hopes he stays with the team for the long term.

“Oh yeah, [Durant]’s going to get his ring for sure. He’ll be here for a long time.”

But Pinoy fan Jerome Calangian is the odd man out — he’s as a Lebron James fan.

“I think it’s pretty chill. No one really says anything to me, but when they do it’s always about Lebron being a cry baby, this and that… the stuff you usually see on the internet but I don’t really mind,” he said.

Calangian’s fellow barbers respect that he’s a Cavs fan, but they also remind him that he’s in Warriors territory.

“When I’m around I’m pretty sure they’re just talking among themselves,” Calangian said. “They don’t want to hear what I have to say of course, but with my clients they try not to talk about it with me to cause they get riled up while getting cut, so I don’t know.”

Calangian is confident in his team, while acknowledging that the Warriors will be tough to beat.

“Yeah I think they will repeat again, but it won’t be easy…. and I’m pretty sure the Warriors are gonna show up especially now they have Durant. It’s going to be crazy.”

According to the ESPN basketball power index, the Warriors have a 93 percent chance of winning the NBA championship with the highest probability of doing it in five games.

But Calangian tells people not to count out the Cavs just yet — as he reminds people how they came back last year down three games to one, to win the 2016 NBA championship.

Game one will be held in the Bay Area at Oracle Arena Thursday night, and will be nationally televised on ABC.


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