Pinoy vote in Jersey City as varied as a sari-sari store

JERSEY CITY, NJ — Come election time in November, the Pinoy vote in New Jersey is as varied as the products inside one of Jersey City’s sari-sari grocery stores.

Ed Castillo, a maintenance worker in Jersey City said, “Siyempre Donald Trump. He will make America great again.”

“I’m definitely voting for Sanders,” Gustavo Tapia, a millennial voter, said. “The only reason why I’m voting for Bernie Sanders is because he is not backed by Goldman Sachs, especially by Wall Street.”

“I’ll go with Hillary Clinton,” Christopher Gumtang, a young father, said. “I think it’s about time we got a woman president. I feel like she’s a good leader.”

Aling Angelina Avergonzado is juggling three jobs just to pay the bills. She says her pay as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) remained pretty much the same for 15 years.

Avergonzado says she is supporting Jeb Bush whom she believes can bring better pay for workers like her.

“I work eight hours, sometimes 16. Kulang talaga, kailangan kayod kabayo,” she said.

Millennials like Fil-Am Kaye Siapno say they are rooting for an outsider.

According to a recent report in Mother Jones, about 60 to 85 percent of millennials polled are rooting for Sanders.

“He can bring about the change that we have not received from past presidents. He has no ties to Wall Street. I’m sorry I just don’t like [Hillary],” Siapno said. “I’m not saying she has not done anything good. It’s just that she has too much involvement in the dirty part of politics.”

Some Filipinas at this Pinoy store are hoping not just to see a woman president in their lifetime, but a qualified and experienced one at that.

“She’s got foreign affairs experience, she was the Secretary of State for four years, she’s just really smart,” said Maria Blanco. “Sanders is also a good candidate but he’s a socialist. We’re always having difficulty sa Congress passing any legislation, so having a socialist for president, that’s not going to help it.”

Chris Christie who suspended his run for the White House on Wednesday is not quite getting the support of his Pinoy constituents.

Rose, a Jersey City resident, said, “Mas mabuti pang umayaw na siya kasi mas maraming walang gusto sa kanya.”

“He’s a bully. And look at the way New Jersey is. Infrastructure ng New Jersey is very old. It needs to be improved. He hasn’t done anything about it,” Wrightstown, N.J. resident Maria Blanco said.

Meanwhile, Filipino Democrat Maricel Lapid says she’s still undecided until today.

“I’m a Democrat, but I don’t know if Hillary will win or Bernie Sanders will win. But if Michael Bloomberg will run for office, I’ll probably vote for him,” Lapid said. “He’s a businessman. I just want a better economy for the U.S.”

For many of these voters, they say they are rooting for a candidate whose message and platform resonates with their own needs and ideology.


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  • Kenikeni
    12 February 2016 at 11:56 am - Reply

    No to Trump! No to Bernie Sanders!

  • Mario
    13 February 2016 at 12:01 am - Reply

    Yes to Trump, more jobs are coming onced he will deport all illegal alien.He is not a perfect candidate, but building a wall at the Mexican border and immediate deportation of 178,000 Criminals illegal alien is a major accomplishment.By the way Filipino illegal alien, you have 10 months to enjoy the benefits from us, the hard working Filipino legal immigrants.Time to go.

  • Enigma
    13 February 2016 at 7:38 am - Reply

    The democrat agenda is led by one goal, teach the young that they are victims of something and they will follow you all the way to HeII. Second , promise them free food, rent, education, medical care, a cell phone and they will vote for you for 200 years.

  • Amboy
    13 February 2016 at 8:47 pm - Reply

    We need to consolidate our vote to elect a US president who can promise to help Philippines in its problem in the West Philippine Sea.