Pinoy Trump supporters are proud of his accomplishments in last 100 days

MT. BALDY, CA — Last Saturday, President Donald Trump marked his first 100 days in office — by saying that he kept his promise not only to transfer political power from one party to another, but to also transfer that power from Washington DC to the hands of the people.

He touted his administration’s initial achievements at a rally in Pennsylvania, and kababayans who came to witnessed it say that President Trump is definitely on the right track.

Southern California Republicans marked Donald Trump’s 100th day in office on top of Mount Baldy State Park.

About a hundred came to the mountain top celebration that needed a 20 minute ski lift to come face-to-face with the president’s standee, and to hear from conservative speakers — many of them who slammed mainstream media and drummed up support for the president’s immigration crackdown.

After running the West Coast Trump campaign headquarters, Fil-Am republican Rachel Gunther founded several pro-Trump-groups, including Make Cali Great and Moms Against Sanctuary States.

Make Cali Great will be sending these report cards to the president.

“We created a report card, for his first hundred days so people and his supporters and his non supporters can send it to him and rate him on a bunch of different issues,” said Gunther.

Gunther gives Trump A’s and A-pluses on his national security, education, and the economy.

But for immigration and healthcare — which she gave him an A minus and B plus — she believes Trump could get higher grades if he had more support.

“Getting pushback on immigration from those judges on the 9th circuit didn’t help facilitate some of his executive orders,” she said. “Obamacare you know, I think the disconnect between some of the factions wanting to repeal it and others just wanting a modification, and the wall.”

Unlike past incidents where protesters clashed with Trump supporters, this 100 day commemoration was peaceful.

A goal they had, when they arranged it high up on the mountain tops of the Angeles National Forest.

That’s 100 days done, and 1,361 more days to go. The President’s most loyal supporters say it’s only a beginning, and they are only expecting bigger. They are confident that by the time Trump’s term ends, all his campaign promises can be fulfilled.

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  • Mario
    1 May 2017 at 9:20 pm - Reply

    Trump major accomplishment on the first 100 days is the appointment of Justice Gorsuch, 39 yrs old, will retire after 80. This is Trump battle hymn,”See you at the SC”, he will always win, millennials, don’t waste your future doing rallies, join the winning 30 yrs of conservative agenda.Trump decrease US debt by $100B, while Obama during his first 100 days increase US debt by $560B. Illegal immigration decrease by 73%. Trump signed 66 exec order mostly job killing regulations.The S&P 500 broke $20T for the first time in history.Thinking that HClinton will win the election, nuclear option was passed by the Dems, with the objective of “NO-GOP to become President” for the next 100 years, it BACKFIRE.Trump 4 yrs SC will be 6-3, in 8yrs SC will be 7-2 conservative.Voters ID will be passed,Old 150 judges from the lower court will retire. The radical 9th circuit court will be demolished most of the judges will retire & replaced by conservative judges.Trump will be the most powerful President ever elected in American history.