Pinoy Trump supporters throw pre-inauguration celebration

by Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN News


Days before the presidential inauguration later this month, it was full-on party mode at the office which played an integral role in Donald Trump’s election…

A multicultural celebration at the Trump campaign’s West Coast headquarters included some Filipino style Zumba, Latin meringue, and a Cambodian blessing.

“We are so glad, so happy that Trump won — so now we can start over, and begin with the renewed American dreams that we all strive for when we immigrated here,” said Ramon de Jesus Jr, founder of FilAms for Trump.

“We’re so excited. It’s a celebration — his victory has been hard fought, and we’re just happy that everyone can make it, and we got great things ahead, and we got a movement to continue, said Rachel Gunther, President of the board for Make CA Great Again.

Gunther — a Zumba instructor — took charge of the official Trump headquarters based inside the United Cambodian Community Center in Long Beach, CA. She looks to celebrate more, when she and other leaders attend the inauguration in Washington.

“We’ve got a whole bunch of us going, [we’re] excited,” she said.

While these Filipino supporters wait to see Trump sworn in, they’re even more eager to see the changes they believe he will bring.

“Besides the domestic issues for Filipinos who love their homeland, I believe Donald Trump will do a much better job than Obama did,” said Don de Luna, a supporter. “I’m very excited for his incoming secretary of state, and how they’re going to handle the international community.”

“I am very excited because Trump is a winner,” said supporter Abby de Luna. “I can imagine the things he is about to do. I’m sure that America will be great again.

With the 2016 election campaign over, many supporters plan on staying active with Trump presidency. They’ll be forming groups and continuing the outreach, which began in this quiet building.

Ultimately, people at the headquarters which played a major role during the election season, say they want to play a key part during the Trump administration for at least the next four years.


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