Pinoy Top Chef Dale Talde opens new restaurant in Jersey City

JERSEY CITY, NJ – Filipino American Top Chef Dale Talde is giving the Garden State a taste of his signature cuisine with the opening of two new restaurants: Talde Jersey City and an adjacent smaller Italian market called Carrino Provisions.

Talde, 2013’s winner of Food and Wine People’s Best New Chef has been one of the more popular “cheftestants” on Bravo TV’s Top Chef, Top Chef: All Stars, and Top Chef Duels.

Talde Jersey City just opened this month, but there’s already a wait of up to three hours just to get in on weekends.

Following his success in Brooklyn with the original Talde, the Thistle Tavern, and Pork Slope Bar, Chef Talde now brings his popular signature Asian American dishes such as Korean fried chicken, pretzel pork chive dumplings, breakfast ramen, and crispy oyster bacon pad thai among many others to Jersey City.

“We love to be part of communities and part of neighborhoods that need a restaurant, that need more dining options,” Talde said. “Instead of being the third, fourth or fifth option in a block, in a neighborhood, we like to be one of the two or three and grow with the neighborhood.”

And of course Talde is not Talde without his signature Filipino American dishes.

Talde’s take on kare-kare: He serves it with Hong Kong noodles and calls it Beef Short Rib Kare-Kare, making it more accessible to diners.

Talde said, “As long as they’re eating it, and more importantly, as long as they think it’s delicious, it’s a way for you to bridge that gap.”

If you’re looking for the good-old sinigang or adobo, Talde is not a place for the traditional Filipino fare.

“I was raised in a Filipino household, eating Filipino culture and eating Filipino food all day long,” Talde said. “I can only represent who I am, my voice as a Fil-Am, and the funny mashups that happen as a Fil-Am.”

Talde says what he serves is now known as Filipino American cuisine.

Talde attributes his success for his passion for the business and for putting his employees first, even if it means not taking a salary for himself.

“Once you own a business, you are then responsible for a lot of other peoples lives, because you have employees. You have people who work with you, who work for you, and you have to be conscious of those people ultimately before yourself too because they rely on you to put food on their plate for their family,” Talde said.

Talde’s recipe for success: He says it’s really a combination of luck, God’s will, and hard work to be able to succeed in building a restaurant empire that spans from New York to New Jersey.

“I got on Top Chef, that gives you a ton of notoriety and a ton of exposure,” Talde said. “But hardwork, I think when you work hard you try to be as honest as possible and try to live a good life, I think luck is one of those things that happens to people.”

To make his parents proud of having their family name on the door and to see the restaurant packed with people makes it all worth it for Talde.

Miami Beach foodies will soon have a taste of Talde’s signature cuisine when he opens an outpost of his restaurant in Florida this summer.

You may contact Don Tagala at for more information.

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