Pinoy suspect in fatal Las Vegas shooting appears in court

by Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN News


The man accused of fatally shooting two tourists in Las Vegas for no apparent reason appeared in court on March 29.

Rolando Bueno Cardenas appeared in court before Judge Cynthia Cruz for his 72 hour hearing on the seven charges filed against him by the district court of Nevada.

When Judge Cruz asked Cardenas if he can afford to retain his own lawyer on his defense, Cardenas said no.

Will Ewing, a public attorney, was appointed to Cardenas to assist on his case.

In this copy of the police report obtained by BA, Cardenas fired shots at the passengers on the second floor of the double-decker bus because he said he was “intimidated by the size of a male passenger.”

This is when he pulled out a handgun, and pointed it at the male.

The male and his group moved away from Cardenas. Cardenas claimed he pointed the gun downward, when he discharged it. He afterwards went back to his seat.

Cardenas discharged his handgun for the second time, thinking he struck the rear of a seat.

Cardenas claims he only wanted to scare the large male, not to kill him.

During the SWAT negotiation, Cardenas saw a SWAT robot and threw it out of the window because he thought is was a bomb.

Cardenas fired two more times at a camera that was temporarily affixed by the SWAT team.

Cardenas claimed that he was not shooting at the police officers, and felt bad when he found out that he killed Gary Breitling and wounded another male passenger.

Cardenas voluntarily surrendered, and threw his handgun out of the bus.

Cardenas told Las Vegas Metro Police that he has been unemployed for three years, and recently became homeless.

There is no bail set for Cardenas. He remains in jail and faces multiple charges — including attempted murder, murder, and burglary.

Cardenas will be back in court on April 27 for a preliminary hearing at the Regional Justice Center.


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