Pinoy stand-up comedians conquer Sin City for the annual Filipino night of comedy jam

by Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN News


LAS VEGAS, NV — New studies show that stress in the US is on the rise. That’s why these Pinoy stand-up comedians in Vegas promise to help you de-stress, and make you laugh out loud with some Filipino American-style jokes.

“I got this one auntie, she is so conceited. She always gets face lifts in the Philippines. Every year her eyebrows get higher and higher… she’s conceited; she likes to take selfies.”

That’s Pinoy stand-up comedian Joey Guila.

“I’m mixed… my mom is Filipino, and my dad is missing,” jokes comedian Vince Royal.

Guila says that both “old school and new school” hits home for all audiences.

“Being Filipino is just… family,” Guila says. “Even though we are not related, we are all cousins, aunties, uncles, we are one huge family. So I like to include that in my act.”

Filipinos in Southern Nevada say that watching stand-up comedy acts is like a temporary sigh of relief from all the political, not-so-good news happening across the country and around the world.

“That that was a lot of fun,” says Carol Wagner. “Nakakatawa lahat sila.”

“Kept it away from politics, kept it fun,” said Gai Phanalasi. “You work all week long, you might be stressed out; you come out and have a good time.”

Philip Peredo, a local Las Vegas comedian, says that although politics brings lots of material for funny impersonations nowadays, he is still sticking to his all Pinoy comedy antics.

“Its just a wonderful feeling that in the past, I’ve been was able to help my kababayans in politics, but now we are able to touch their lives with humor and laughter, and just making them happy,” says Peredo. “It’s just a different kind of feeling and I’m really enjoying it.”

For these Pinoy stand-up comedians, laughter is indeed the best medicine.


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