Pinoy special ed. teachers adjusting to US curriculum

Filipino teachers in southern Nevada adjusted well in the educational standard of the US curriculum. Some were overwhelmed but others are excited as they debut their first teaching year in America.
Lesson plans, class scheduling, and classroom management are among the tasks for these Filipino teachers from the Philippines as they embarked on their first school year teaching in America.
Annalyn Polapoy is a resource special education teacher. She handles 21 children with slow learning disabilities, and she says that part of the adjustment period is earning the trust of her students.

“So yun na nga na break yung concept ko noon na mahirap silang turuan I thought they will not listen pero napapakiusapan pala hindi totoo yung sinasabe nilang talagang mahirap silang kausapin pakiusapan ok naman,” she said. “At first hindi ka nila kakausapin pero after the second week theyre trying to call you hello miss yung gumaganun na.”

Other teachers say they are excited while some feel trepidation, a common sentiment for these special ed teachers who are still adjusting to the American educational system.

For these Pinoy teachers in high demand, working with students with disabilities could be challenging, but what is more important for them is making a significant difference in a child’s life.

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