Pinoy shooting suspect planned to die in police shootout

MARYLAND – The Filipino suspected in a series of deadly shootings in Bethesda, MD will sit in jail until his trial after a court judge declared a no-bond status.

New details from the hearing revealed that Eulalio Tordil, 62, planned to die in a shootout with police after allegedly killing three people.

This includes his estranged wife Gladys Tordil, 44, with three others injured.

Montgomery County State’s Attorney John J. McCarthy said Tordil surrendered to officers because he was out of bullets and misplaced his glasses.

“Because his glasses had been lost in the struggle, he didn’t feel he could adequately see to drive. That’s what I said in court based on conversation he had with police,” McCarthy said.

Gladys’ students at Parkdale High School mourn the loss of their chemistry teacher.

Attorney Arnedo Valera of the Migrant Heritage Commission is in contact with her relatives in the Philippines.

“The family wants to repatriate the remains of Gladys in the soonest possible time, “ Valera said.

“Her two children, Grace and Nikki, are in foster care. I told them it’s not that simple because this is a murder case and we have to make sure to follow the process before we can help in the repatriation.”

According to court records, Gladys received a protective order from the court after she and her daughters suffered domestic abuse from Tordil for the past decade.

Valera said his organization is trying to combat domestic abuse within the Fil-Am community in Maryland.

“People should know that there is a support group because victims usually say that ‘no, my partner, my husband can change’ but that’s not true because based on statistics that is not what’s going on,” Valera said.

Tordil, who is a security officer at the Federal Protective Service, was stripped of his badge and gun and was placed on administrative leave.

Media reports suggest he went on a killing spree at two different locations, including a mall parking lot, after allegedly killing Gladys.

A pile of flowers decorate the memorial of Malcom Winffel, a victim of Tordil, at the Westfield

Montgomery Mall, and a GoFundMe account has been set up to pay for his funeral expenses.

So far, over $99,000 have been raised of the $150,000 goal.


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