Pinoy SF Giants fans get chance to see World Series trophies

DALY CITY, Calif. – For the third time in five years, the San Francisco Giants hold the crown of the World Series Champions of Major League Baseball.

To commemorate their victory and to thank their fans, the Giants organization took all three World Series trophies from 2010, 2012 and 2014 on a tour to 36 different destinations throughout the Bay Area.

One of the stops: the City Hall Rotunda in Daly City, CA.

“Everyone is really excited,” said Bailey West, a Junior Giants Coordinator from the Giants Community Fund. “I drove around the block and there are people lined up outside for blocks and everyone has their Giants gear on so I know Daly City has some of our best fans.”

Hundreds of fans, dressed from head to toe in their Giants gear, eagerly awaited their turn to take a picture with the trophies.

Filipino American Giants fans Jan Salas and Emily Piros waited three hours to get their picture.

Salas believes the Giants and Filipinos share similar characteristics.

“I think they’re a good representation of the community, especially Filipino’s perseverance,” said Salas. They battled a lot of stuff to go to where they were and these championship trophies are a symbol of that.”

It is a chance to see history but it is also a fundraiser for the Junior Giants which is a free baseball program for boys and girls aged 5-18 years old that not only teach baseball fundamentals but also character development.

“A lot of Filipinos don’t have the opportunity,” said Ray Reyes who is the Recreation Program Coordinator of Daly City. “It’s not our national sport like basketball where you could just pick up a ball and go to the park and play. You kind of have to be organized about it. If they want it, if they like it? It will help them progress to the next level.”

West adds, “We’re so excited to partner with local communities like this and to benefit with all the families that live here through Junior Giants.”

The San Francisco Giants World Series Trophy ends at the beginning of the season but fans will continue to have an opportunity to take a picture of the trophies at all home games.

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