Pinoy producer on tour promoting new Broadway shows

By Rommel Conclara, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

August 22, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO – Three-time Tony award-winning Filipino producer Jhett Tolentino is in San Francisco for the tour of his new show Buyer & Cellar starring Michael Urie from TV’s “Ugly Betty.”

Buyer & Cellar will be in San Francisco until August 31st.

Afterwards, the tour continues to Dallas, Texas and then Toronto, Canada.

While Tolentino says that producing shows like this is hard work, he is motivated by the pride he brings to the Philippines.

“It’s in a magnitude I cannot express or explain or put into words but I feel so honored to take it on,” said Tolentino. “I try to represent us every year and I hope it will be an annual event at the Tony awards, hopefully with my coming shows so the chances are pretty big. But I always carry with me the Filipino side of me. Every time there is a show I would look out is there’s anything for the Filipinos here.”

“Buyer & Cellar” is only one of Tolentino’s productions. His three shows include “This is Our Youth” starring “Superbad’s” Michael Cera, a Broadway revival of “Side Show” and Glenn Close’s return to the stage in “A Delicate Balance”.

While these shows are very exciting, Tolentino shares his enthusiasm for the Imelda Marcos musical “Here Lies Love”.

“Here Lies Love” is what I’m excited about because that’s totally Filipino,” said Tolentino. “I mean you can never go more Filipino than that. It’s all about the Marcos regime, Imelda Marcos, what we went through and the Aquino administration. I hope everyone would go.”

He already has big plans so the musical can reach out to other Filipinos who do not normally come to the theater.

“I appeal to all the Filipinos around the world by next year hopefully we will have four simultaneous productions of “Here Lies Love”. Hopefully Australia, New York, London, and San Francisco – actually we will be casting late this winter and then hopefully if you support us we will go national,” said Tolentino. “So come on guys, you can make it! Support the Filipinos!”

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