Pinoy Pride Shines at LA Gay Pride

By Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif–With the US Supreme Court expected to decided on the fate of same sex marriage within the coming days and a clamor for gay immigration rights in the immigration reform talks, this year’s Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade was one of significance.

With a sagala and a team of badminton players, the Filipino lesbian gays bisexuals and transgenders (LGBT) were among the largest and proudest ethnic contingencies on the 2 mile long parade which drew over 40,000 people, and even had a hand in organizing the opening night transgender party.

“The Supreme Court is about to issue it’s ruling on marriage equality and also our fight for equality does not end here,” explained Barangay LA president Rob Maullon.

“This is fun and everybody is enjoying,” added Marky Aquino.

The Solomons, a same sex couple, say the upcoming Supreme Court decision has an impact on their marriage as well, even though they remain legally married. The former California residents tied the knot before the voter approved marriage ban began in November of 2008.

“It’s long overdue there’s a lot of people in the LGBT community that contribute a lot to society so we all deserve to validated,” said Barbara Solomon.

Filipinos here say that Charice Pempengco’s recent announcement that she is lesbian is an inspiration in the battle for gay rights.

“It empowers the youth, they have somebody who can go as their role models we actually applause Charice for what she’s done and the courage that she has shown and we’re very proud of her,” said Maullon.

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