Pinoy parents support CA school’s efforts to promote healthy eating

By Rommel Conclara, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Sept. 15, 2014

San Bruno, Calif. – Filipino students and their parents joined teachers and volunteers at Rollingwood Elementary in San Bruno, Calif. to help build their brand new Teaching Garden.

The Teaching Garden is a project by the American Heart Association that gives students interactive lessons on harvesting food and good eating habits.

“Our Teaching Garden program is really to bring the education out into the garden and vice versa,” said Camie Sanchez of the American Heart Association, “So we actually have a full curriculum that follows the common core standards for the school and really helps the teachers bring that education in utilizing the garden.”

Principal Leigh Schwartz says they will also maximize all uses of the garden.

“It will be a focus for other core context,” said Principal Schwartz. “We could use it for science and math. It can be a great place for kids to go and write. So there’s a lot of opportunities for the Teaching Garden.”

The Microsoft Corporation was instrumental in funding the Teaching Garden for Rollingwood Elementary. They also sent volunteers to help students build their garden.

“We’ve been helping put together some planting boxes and digging some trenches so we could put some water sources for it,” said Greg Ginther, a Microsoft volunteer. “It’s just a lot of fun to give back to the community and help out.”

Filipino parents shared that they are happy their children will be able to learn through this hands-on experience.

“They always look forward to tasting what they have harvested,” said Jacqui Conclara, a Rollingwood parent, “And I feel that when they call it their own it will encourage them to eat much healthier.”

“We’re just trying to get the message out that kids need to be healthier, we need to be more active, and really instilling that childhood obesity is still on the rise,” said Sanchez, “And we definitely want to make sure we are bringing down those numbers, and by getting into the kids early is really going to make that difference.”

This is just part one of two big events for Rollingwood Elementary.

In two weeks, they will be having their planting day where students can officially plant in their Teaching Garden. The Microsoft Corporation and the American Heart Association will be on hand for the special events.

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