Pinoy Panawagan: Staying in the U.S. as a caregiver

Our question is from Belinda:

If I marry an American citizen, am I able to stay in the U.S.?  I am 64 years old, a Filipina, and I live in Norway. My fiancé is 84 years old, also Filipino, but he’s also an American citizen and a pensioner. I’ve been in the U.S. twice, but no chance to get married, as we consulted a lawyer in California and they told us that I cannot stay because my fiancé have no properties and his pension is not enough for the two of us.  

Recently he had a lung surgery and he needed to stay in a rehab facility for a while. He is now getting better and will be released anytime soon. Now I’m planning to go again in United States and push through with marrying him. Do I have a chance now of staying in the U.S. so I can take care of him as his wife and caregiver? Do I need a police clearance from Norway, to enter the United States?


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