Pinoy Panawagan – Sibling Petition

On this week’s Pinoy Panawagan, Atty. Lou addresses a question from a viewer who wants to petition her brother.

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  • Par
    15 May 2016 at 8:31 pm - Reply

    To Miss Atty. Tancinco

    I am 72 widow & a Canadian citizen here at Calgary AB, i have 3 kids, my 2 daughters are here and they were Canadian citizens already,but my youngest son 43 yrs oldsingle, who happens to be a deaf and mute is still there in the Philippines all by himself. I tried to invite him but unfortunately his been denied 10 yrs. ago, because there is no proof to show that he’s coming back home since we are here already and because of his condition,.

    Im not working im just receiving my monthly pension, but my eldest is a registered nurse here and my 2nd daughter is a caregiver here. Im asking you if there still a possibility to petetion him or even invite him, i can’t travel every year because of the expensive airfare and i am scared to travel all by myself, or can my daughter petition him?

    Thank you