Pinoy Panawagan: Should I dispose of my properties and assets in the US, if not yet of legal status?

The sibling of a person who is in unlawful status sent BA this letter asking about disposal of real and personal properties.

“My sibling has a pending-approved petition from our sister, but for now does not have any legal documents. This person has a social security number, works, and regularly pays taxes. Also, this person owns a house and multiple cars. Should they dispose of their properties now, in case they get arrested by immigration authorities?”

With heightened enforcement of immigration law, anyone who is out of status is vulnerable to a possible apprehension by ICE, depending on the circumstances of the case.

Those who are in unlawful presence, either make a decision to stay, or leave the country to obtain their peace of mind. Each case is different. Some decide to stay, as long as they are aware of the consequences of their decision, and that whatever it is, they make an informed decision about their case. So if they want to plan their departure, they can start disposing their assets and wrapping their affairs. If they decide to stay, I suggest that they have a family preparedness plan, in case the worse case scenario happens to them.

Maraming salamat sa iyong katanungan. Ako po si Attorney Lou Tancinco para sa Pinoy Panawagan.


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