Pinoy Panawagan: Green card expiration

Our viewer named Lilian set us this question.

My green card is expiring in May, and I have not applied for a renewal nor for U.S. citizenship, because there were years that I did not file my income tax. What will happen to my status when my green card expires? If I apply for either a green card extension or U.S. citizenship, and both are pending after the expiration of my card. What will happen to me?


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  • Mario
    31 January 2019 at 4:27 pm - Reply

    (1)On 2015, a Pinoy worker at SAFEWAY was turned in by fellow Pinoy for bringing home expired meat and chicken thrown at the rubbish container at Safeway, charge for stealing. He passed the Naturalization test but not allowed to attend oath taking, until now….(2). Two Pinoy friend caught DUI, the other filled Green Card extension, got extended, while the other passed Naturalization exams, never invited for oath taking. (3) Having an expired Green card, the parents died in PH, the Immigration office granted her travel docs, stamped YEARLY at her passport. I said to her, before you want to get your naturalization, consult a lawyer and spend some money, do not go straight to the Immigration office or thru internet.