Pinoy Panawagan: Domestic travel with an expired visa

Pinoy Panawagan question from viewer Chad: I would like to know if it is still safe to fly domestic, with an expired visa? Does the TSA checks the visa pages, or they just want to see the bio page of the passport? Hope to hear from you. Thank you Atty.

Using a passport with an expired visa indicates that the traveler is in the united states unlawfully. Given the increased enforcement policy of the current administration, I suggest not to use a passport with an expired visa in traveling. There are accepted forms of identification other than the passport that may be real ID compliant such as driver’s license or state issued IDs. Note that while the TSA are required to look at the biographic page of the passport only, they are also not prevented from looking through the other pages of the passport if they so desire. TSA is still a federal agency connected with the Department of Homeland Security.

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