PINOY PANAWAGAN – December 2, 2013

Atty Lou Tancinco answers your immigration questions on Pinoy Panawagan.

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  • teddy
    6 December 2013 at 7:58 am - Reply

    i got interviewed last July 17 2013 with my wife, i was divorced or separated from ist wife in the Philippines and get married here in the US, they interview my employer about my situations, the thing is i do not told my employer that i was divorced and remarried here in the US, so my employer when they were interview since they do not know my situations, they just told that i am still married to my wife and i still go home with my wife, all the things they know about me and my 1st wife. so my second wife when interviewed by the immigration officer she is nervous and frightend when thye told her that they interview my employer.
    we are denied for the adjustmwent of my wife end up signing the documents, all i am asking is is there still any chance for me to adjust my status. we dont know what is our next move so i can adjust my status. thank you, i still worked in my boss house a caretaker, and a caregiver i worked for them almost 30 years now, in Asia and here in America i arrived in the US with a b1 visa issued at Hong kong Sept.14 2004
    Hilton Head
    South Carolina