Pinoy Panawagan: Atty. Tancinco on Trump administration’s efforts to limit legal immigration

What is the impact of  Trump’s immigration health care proclamation to immigrants?

Who is affected by Trump’s proclamation? When will it take effect?

This Presidential proclamation bars entry to immigrants unless they show proof that they will obtain health insurance within 30 days of their arrival in the United States, or otherwise demonstrate that they can pay medical expenses out of pocket. So its a no insurance no visa policy.

Those who are affected are those applying for immigrant visas at the consular office abroad like U.S. embassy in Manila.

It does not apply to those filing for adjustment of status within the United States. Also exempt from the requirements are children below 21 years of U.S. citizens including their adopted children. It also does not apply to those applying for non-immigrant visas like the H1B, L1, E2 or student visas.

This proclamation will take effect on November 3, 2019.

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