Pinoy-led Texas church claims to drive away evil spirits

By JV Villar, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

April 22, 2014

PEARLAND, TEXAS – Reports of exorcism and deliverance are nothing new in the Philippines. There are groups all over the country from different religions who claim to drive away evil spirits.

But kababayans have brought this Filipino practice to a city in Texas, hoping to save one soul at a time.

Amateur video exclusively shared with Balitang America was taken three years ago by members of the International Victory Christian Church of Texas.

The Filipino-led church claims that what you see is an actual deliverance of a woman who only wished to be identified as Cheryl.

In the video, Cheryl was said to be possessed by an evil spirit.

Cheryl, who admits she had a troubled past, sought the help of these Filipino church leaders after she says she started hearing a voice that seemed to order her to hurt herself.

The church hired a psychiatrist to see her. They said the psychiatrist concluded that Cheryl did not suffer from any mental illness. The church leaders decided that the only way Cheryl would get healed is through deliverance.

For hours they prayed for her, read Bible verses in front of her, and anointed her.

“She said I have given you authority to threat down all serpents,” Wennie Liga of International Victory Christian Church of Texas said. “Serpents represent Satan. All scorpions represent demons and all the powers of the enemy. And nothing shall by enemies ever hurt you. That is tested and proven to this ministry.”

The church leaders say they began their ministry delivering people from evil spirits back in the Quezon City, Philippines in 1999.

When some members moved to the the United States in 2002, they formed a deliverance group in New Orleans, and eventually in Texas in 2006. To date, they claim to have delivered about a 100 people from evil spirits free of charge.

“I don’t really remember a whole lot of the actual deliverance experience itself, except I remember how relieved I was afterwards,” Cheryl Jett, the subject in the exorcism video, said.

Besides delivering people from evil spirits, church leaders say they also drive out evil spirits from homes. They shared pictures with Balitang America of a Houston house that was reportedly haunted two years ago. They conducted a house cleansing ritual to rid the house of dark elements.

“The 11-year-old and 9-year-old kids were also infested with sickness and also the voice of Satan himself is telling them to get a knife and kill your mom,” Liga said. “So this is very, very infested with evil spirits — most especially the room and everything. The smell of death was so strong inside the house. I think something must have died inside before they transferred there. Just so much, not just one or two. I think hundreds of evil spirits were inside the house.”

These Filipino church leaders say they now have close to 90 members in Texas and hope to continue their ministry and touch and heal more people with their faith and conviction to defeat what’s evil in this world.

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