Pinoy-led anti-violence group hosts gun buyback program in SF

SAN FRANCISCO – “To help end the pollution and be the solution to gun violence”

This is the slogan for the gun buy-back event that is being held in San Francisco this weekend.

San Francisco officials say that in the wake of continued gun violence across the country, the city must take appropriate steps to ensure the lives of its residents.

“Violence doesn’t beget whether you purchase a gun legally or illegally,” said San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee. “It’s the use of the gun to resolve a difference – that’s what we want to prevent from happening.”

“Every year, year-in and year-out, the San Francisco Police Department takes over a thousand guns off the streets of San Francisco,” said SFPD Chief of Police Greg Suhr. “Gun buy backs, since 2011, have taken 950 guns off the street and I’m confident that Saturday that number’s going to go better than a thousand.”

Filipino American Rudy Corpuz is the executive director of United Playaz – the organization hosting the event.

He says that after living a life on both sides of the law he is convinced that fewer guns means more lives saved.

“If you turn on the TV, I guarantee you’re going to see something about gun violence,” said Corpuz. “You want the solution? Here it is right here. We’re doing it. So don’t wait for the cameras to be in front of you or someone from your family gets hurt or shot for you to say “you know what? I want to be on this side!”

Those turning in firearms will receive money for their weapon, no questions asked.

$100 for handguns and $200 for assault weapons.

“I think it makes people feel more comfortable when they come in because there may be guys who have been in a lifestyle who had guns who probably don’t want to be around the police,” said Corpuz. “Or [they] don’t want to say nothing but they want to get rid of guns because maybe they feel they might get arrested or they may even have a warrant when they bring in the gun.”

The gun buy back will be held this Saturday from 8 a-m to noon at the United Playaz headquarters on Howard St.

All those bringing guns are reminded to follow the law and keep all firearms in the trunk of their cars.

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  • Mario
    12 December 2015 at 2:25 am - Reply

    FBI report-Black Friday break record with 185,345 guns sold and background check. From 2006-10/2015, FBI conducted 17.5 Million background check.Americans are buying more guns to protect their family and children.”ISIS by the gate”. Immigration records,from 2009-2013, 680,000 green cards were issued to Muslims and we are waiting for another 250,000 refugees from Syria.This is called ISLAMIC invasion,EU reported, 70% on Syrian refugees are illiterate.From PEW survey,68% Muslims in the US depend on welfare,70% muslims are Democrat and 11% GOP.