Pinoy gives first-hand account of Ferguson chaos

Kalayaan Mendoza of Amnesty USA’s Human Rights Delegation tells us what it was like to be tear gassed twice in the middle of the protests.

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  • Thomas Christopher Ty
    25 November 2014 at 7:09 pm - Reply

    It is quiet interesting to hear that the answer to the question of “Who incited the violence,” are the police officers; when it is clearly the criminals who went on riot are the cause of deploying tear gas.

    Dodging a question and giving only an answer that is convenient to Mr. Kalayaan’s agenda. Clearly, Mr. Kalayaan is lying.

  • noz
    25 November 2014 at 10:01 pm - Reply

    BA gave the platform to this human rights delegation guy to vomit all his lies, that it was not MADNESS in ferguson, that the ferguson police force initially started the disorder, after the grand jury handed no indictment of officer wilson. the film footages are the proofs this guy is spreading his made up scam stories, in support of the thug shot by officer wilson in self defense. this human rights delegation guy is indeed a conman, the true agitator with his inflammatory fabricated account of events. what does this deceptive human rights delegation guy think he can fool the public?. its so vivid on TV, anarchists like himself have gone wild, worst than safari’s wild animals destroying, looting, the small businesses of ferguson, who have nothing to do with the death of the thug. the thug’s stepfather have encouraged the already savage anarchists to burn the town of ferguson, and that is not madness for this human rights delegation guy’s book?, he is an a$$ kisser of the thug, who happened to be black. the police force of ferguson have to tear gas the criminal crowd in their effort to save their own jurisdiction town, to no avail. the town of ferguson by morning looks like a war zone, with burned structures down the ground, other structures were destroyed. the rampage have given these thugs uncontrolled opportunities to loot the goods/properties of the business owners. the doom scenes in ferguson is so disgusting, that those criminals caught/detained, as well as this guy must also be arrested to pay for their crimes of imprisonments. the destructions of the town of ferguson, the businesses capital loss of the owners, the equity loss of the homeowners will make ferguson, a ghost town of the midwest, if the town itself cannot sustain the rebuilding of devastated ferguson.

  • JRB
    25 November 2014 at 10:12 pm - Reply

    Is this Kalayaan Mendoza for real, what in the hell why he wants to get together with the dumb Blacks that got no “BRAINS.” Obama said if this people broke the law they will be jailed, and Obama is Black. So why this Filipino kid is broking the law? With the Blacks protesters. That’s why we Americans say that some Filipinos is “DUMB.” No brains?