Pinoy films featured in America’s largest Asian film festival

SAN FRANCISCO – This is the largest Asian American film festival in the Bay Area.

Asian American filmmakers use this as an opportunity to tell stories to a wide audience on subjects like gender issues, history, and family.

It’s also a chance to bring together the community.

“If you’re not such a cineafile and loves films we also have programs that features food and live music,” said Masashi Niwano, CAAM’s Festival and Exhibition director. “So our goal is that you have this breath of community coming together and having a lot of fun.”

This year’s crop include the film of acclaimed director Lav Diaz about the lives of the forgotten Typhoon Yolanda survivors.

“What we like to do at our festival is put the story telling in the hands of Filipinos and Filipino Americans,” said Niwano. “The stories we see at our festivals I think is transformative.”

Fil-Am filmmaker RJ Lozada feels honored to be part of the festival. His film “Distance” is about a sperm donor who helps a lesbian couple conceive a child.

“It lets you know that you are part of a community,” said Lozada. “You are part of, more than less, a global network of folks that are creative and are storytellers. It’s important to know that you’re not alone.”

Fil-Am and award-winning chef Tim Luyum is among those featured and honored for his contributions to new Asian cuisine.

“Once you document things whether it’s cooking or any art form that’s how people can refer back to it,” said Luyum. “You have to know your roots before you can further an art form.”

CAAM will also be featuring one Filipino documentary on PBS each week for the month of May in the Bay Area.

For more information about the CAAM Festival and the films featured in it, you can visit their website at

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