Pinoy federal employees in NV feel pinch from govt. shutdown

LAS VEGAS — The government shutdown is already expected by many federal employees, but the affect of this closedown furloughed many Fil-Am federal employees and they are now feeling that pinch.

What was supposed to be a relaxing Saturday night turns out to be a weekend of worries for federal worker Margie Gonzalez, as bad news came that her job is affected by the government shutdown.

“All of us are not gonna get paid. Because we don’t know when we are gonna have a budget but essentials employees have to report to work.”

Gonzales, who declined to disclose which sector of the federal government she works for, says she works with many Filipinos. During uncertain times like these, the kababayans at her work band together.

“In 2013 what we did inindentify namin yung mga employees na yun kaming mga katrabaho we started donating gumawa sila ng mga lists ng mga kailangan nila tulad ng diapers, cereals maybe vitamins ng mga bata bukod doon nag establish pa kami ng mga food pantry or food kitchen at least merun silang kakainiin pag pasok nila sa trabaho kase baka wala na silang pambili ng lunch sa kanilang trabaho..Nakakaawa.”

Gonzales adds that it is important for the Republicans and the Democrats to come to terms, as livelihoods like hers are at stake especially those who are single earners and solely rely on their federal paychecks.

“Actually, kung wala kang kasama sa bahay na federal employee medyo hindi mo masyadong mararamdaman pero lalo na yung iba ang tingin lang nila hindi na sila nagkakasundo sa senado o sa congreso they think more its political yung mga issues. Pero sa mga kagaya ko o sa mga kasamahan ko actually dun sa mga trabaho ko maraming mga Pilipino. Pag hindi ka sumweldo hindi mo alam kung saan ka kukuha ng pambayad ng mortgage mo pambayad ng renta mo. Yes, its on going now.”

Following federal government closures, Nevada’s national parks remained open. The public could visit the park but the visitors center and public restrooms were closed.

Red Rock Canyon National Park officials tweeted that the restrooms and visitors center were closed.

While many Democrats are blaming the Republican leadership in manufacturing this political crisis.

They said that this charade is not only unnecessary but also costly as a lot of hardworking families not only here in southern Nevada but across the country.

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